PTC (Parent Teacher Council)

Members of PTC:

1. Principal                                                  :           Convener

2. One Post Graduate Teacher                :           Teacher Representative

3. One Train Graduate Teacher              :           Teacher Representative                 

4. One Miscellaneous Teacher                :           Teacher Representative

5. Parents (12 Nos.)                                   :           Parent Representative

Guide lines for PTC:

1. Tenure of PTC is for a period of one year.

2. The Parent representative shall not be illegible for re-election in the succeeding year.

3. The PTC shall at least one’s in three month.

4. A representative of the Chairman, VMC should invariably present in such meetings.

5. The meetings of the PTC should not be viewed as opportunities for fault finding on either side.

   6. Every discussion of the PTC will centre round the child, his/her welfare, academic improvement     &            development of personality.